Driving Miss Daisy has collected answers to questions that we get asked most frequently by clients and their family.

Please browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you are a new client, we do encourage you to read through all of the answers, you will be surprised and delighted with what you find.

Why would I need Driving Miss Daisy instead of a taxi?

Our service starts with a knock on your front door and a helping hand to your Daisy vehicle. If it is raining, you can shelter under our Daisy umbrella and when we get to your destination, we can walk with you and help you along the way. In the Daisy car, enjoy your personalised music and a good chat as all our Daisy drivers are friendly and interested to help you plan the journey. Your independence and enjoyment are what we are here for.

Do your drivers have experience in working with elderly people?

Every Daisy driver has completed detailed training and has been specially recruited knowing that many clients are elderly and need something special rather than just transport.

Will my child be safe with a Driving Miss Daisy driver?

The safety of your children is our top priority. When we start, you are very welcome to be a passenger as well so that you can be completely confident that your child is well looked after and delivered hand to hand at the destination. All drivers have working with children certification and police checks together with first-aid certificates.

Do Daisy drivers have experience with supporting people with disabilities?

Before a journey, we ask about any special instructions and make notes about disabilities, just in case. In this way, passengers with disabilities and their carer can be assured that we are looking after the passenger just as we would our own family.

Are Daisy Journeys pre-quoted?

Pre-quoting means peace of mind. To do so we take a little bit more time to ask questions about your special needs and what needs to be completed along the way. No one wants surprises about the price, that is why we always pre-quote every journey.

Can I book a regular service every week?

Once you get to know your Daisy driver, we look forward to you booking on a regular basis. We love to get to know our regular clients.

Will Driving Miss Daisy stay with me while I am at appointments or the shops?

When booking your next Daisy trip, we will ask whether you need us to help you after you leave the Daisy vehicle. Taking you into the hairdresser, physiotherapist, pharmacy or shopping centre are some of the many things that make a trip with a Daisy driver special.

Will Driving Miss Daisy make sure my elderly mother is taken safely back to her front door?

When we are helping, we take you from your home and particularly if you are forgetful, make sure you arrive safely at your destination. We can even take you to appointments and keep notes for you and for your family so that everyone knows what has happened.

Where will Driving Miss Daisy take me?

Daisy Journeys can be short or long tailored to just what you need. A trip with your pet to the vet or drive along the coast, every journey can be possible.

Can I book Driving Miss Daisy for a whole day?

Driving Miss Daisy delights in half day and full day excursions and outings. You can invite friends to join you. In fact we even cater for mystery tours so that the variety of things that you can do is endless. Let's turn your day into something to remember.

I receive NDIS support payments. Can I book Driving Miss Daisy for my journeys?

If you are an NDIS participant or rely upon an NDIS support coordinator, you can book a Daisy driver for all your journeys. For your peace of mind, we will ask you all of the important NDIS questions so that you are covered by your participation payments.

Can I choose which Driving Miss Daisy driver takes me on my journey?

If you book early, do ask for your particular Daisy driver. This means you can carry on with the conversation that you started on the previous occasion!

Do I pay for my booking up front?

Payment arrangements are very flexible. Usually payment is made by credit card or invoice after completion. For distant family members, advance payment can be arranged with travel and accounting details supplied on a monthly basis. Just ask when making your enquiry, if you need further details.

How do I pay for my booking?

Driving Miss Daisy has all of the payment options from credit card, debit card, cash and pre-arranged invoicing. If you have any doubts, please ask when you make your enquiry.

How far in advance can I make my booking?

The good thing about Driving Miss Daisy is that it is professional. Bookings can be made well in advance so that you are assured that your local Daisy will arrive on time and ready to help.

Is there a charge if I have to cancel my booking?

There are never surprises when booking services with Driving Miss Daisy. At the time of free quoting all of the important details will be outlined so that you understand what are the costs, how much notice do you need to give for a free cancellation and what expenses might be incurred if you decide to cancel a booking. Everything is explained so that you can enjoy using Driving Miss Daisy on a regular basis.

Can my NDIS support coordinator use Driving Miss Daisy me?

Driving Miss Daisy has a very good reputation with professional companion driving services booked through NDIS support coordinators. Your Daisy driver will promptly inform the coordinator of any details needed so that your NDIS package remains up-to-date.

Can I use my aged care package with Driving Miss Daisy?

Yes you can. There may be a need for some additional paperwork but generally this can be organised quickly and in time for when you need to start using Driving Miss Daisy.

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They pick me up on time, we have lots of fun and they make me feel safe.

Lizzie Gifford,
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