Our policy on your Privacy

At Driving Miss Daisy Franchising Australia Pty Ltd (DMD, our, us or we), we understand that the details you provide us a private and personal. It is important that you feel secure whenever you deal with us. It is also important that you understand how we protect your privacy, as well is how, when and where we may use your details. The following is our commitment to you. You can be confident that we abide by the National Privacy Principles for the protection of personal information, as set out in the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 (as updated).


What do we mean by ‘personal information?

Personal information means any details or opinion about you, which your identity is apparent or your identity can be uncovered.


Why do we collect your personal information?

The main reasons why we collect your personal information that you are:

  • to assist in providing services and support for you and allow you to rate our services
  • to ensure your security when communicating with us and our website and to learn what information on our website and social media is most of interest to you (see the section ‘cookies’ below)
  • to enable DMD and its independent franchisees to communicate with you with services and information which we are proudly associated with
  • when information is orally or visually recorded by any means such as in car camera footage, that it is for health and safety purposes or for reason that you have given your express consent
  • to assist members of your family or guardians who are concerned about your interests
  • to assist in investigation of complaints and responses to regulatory authorities
  • for general administration and to assist if required in response to an emergency or to protect the personal safety of any person
  • correspondence with you
  • to conduct and publish analysis, surveys, newsletters, special offers, publication in the Daisy Chain, social media and to provide information within DMD and its franchisees and business associates
  • to disclose personal information where required by law, any court proceedings or for any fraud, security or crime prevention purposes
  • to conduct marketing, planning, product development, research and other similar purposes
  • for other purposes that would be reasonably implied or expected

(Collectively called ‘the uses of your personal information’)

In each of these examples, we may provide information we gather to inform, target and offer products and services to you through marketing and social media or while you are travelling with us. These marketing offers and promotions are designed to make your life easier, not harder. Even better, we hope that you will find value and benefits from the products and services that we suggest to you. So if you do not want to receive that information, just let us know in writing so that we can unsubscribe you from that flow of information.


How do we collect your personal information?

We will always aim to collect your personal information directly from you. If for some reason, we are not able to do so, we may need to resort to speaking with members of your family, friends, guardians, NDIS, My Aged Care or other organisations. Any information that is collected will be subject to the privacy details set out in our privacy policy.


Why would we disclose information to others?

At DMD, we want to provide each client and passenger with the very best service and products. As a franchise system, information that we collect is made available to each DMD franchisee should they need to provide you with services. We may also need to pass on information to help organise and complete any appointment or journey that you have asked us to complete for you. In some circumstances we may be required by a contract of service or law to disclose your personal information to authorised authorities such as medical practitioners, guardians, police, NDIS, My Aged Care, the tax office and other organisations. In addition, when you provide us with answers to surveys, MailChimp or similar social media, comments, likes and other responses, we will use that information to assist in the public promotion of DMD and its franchisees.

Unless and until you notify DMD in writing, you agree to any or all of the uses of your personal information. You also agree to other uses of your personal information that DMD obtains about you from third parties. If you notify us in writing that you do not want your personal information used, we will then take all reasonable steps so that into the future your request will be complied with but it is understood that existing information that has already been published will continue as it was published prior to receiving your request to opt out.

To whom will the information be disclosed?

Generally, information will be disclosed within DMD and its franchisee network, NDIS, My Aged Care, auditors and business associates. Before we disclose any of your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the person receiving your personal information has given the same commitment as us to the protection of your personal information and that you are aware and have consented to us making that disclosure or that you data has been delivered in a manner that would not identify you directly. By consent, we mean approval in writing, orally or implied from your dealings with us which includes providing details to us for a booking and knowing that the details of this privacy policy are freely available for you to read on our website.

No information gathered by DMD will be disclosed to any person or business outside of Australia without DMD providing you with an email information statement at least seven business days prior to that information being disclosed.


How we keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date

It is important for us and for you, that the information we and the Daisy network of franchisees hold is accurate and up-to-date. We rely on you to help us maintain its accuracy. We do ask that you contact us when there are any changes to your personal details so that we can update our records.


Access to your personal information?

The information we hold about you is yours to access and correct. On short notice we can provide you with general information to confirm your name address and contact details. If more detailed information is needed it may be necessary for us to invoice you a small fee to retrieve greater detail of information and supply the detail as required by you. This process may take up to 20 working days from the date of your written request. If you need to access your detailed information please address your request to:

The Privacy Officer
Driving Miss Daisy Franchising Australia Pty Ltd
35 Harrow Road St Peters SA 5069
or email to


How long do we keep information about you?

By law, we are required to hold certain information about you, even after you may no longer be a client of DMD. However, after that time you can be assured that we will destroy your personal information held by us thoroughly and securely. We may also hold certain information about you if it is needed for a purpose that you are aware of or reasonably expect us to hold that information such as pictures used to promote DMD. When that information is no longer needed, it will be destroyed or permanently aggregated so that your identity cannot be obtained. Other information can at your request be removed which can be discussed directly with the Privacy Officer.


How safe and secure is information that we hold about you?

We take great care with the information we hold about you and to ensure that any details are securely protected from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will take reasonable care to make sure that we keep your information in an accurate, complete and up-to-date manner. If that information is no longer needed it will, as explained earlier in this document, be permanently destroyed or permanently aggregated so that your identity cannot be obtained. If you disclose confidential information such as credit card numbers and passwords, you need to be aware that even though we take appropriate precautions, no system provides impenetrable security for your information that you disclose directly or over the Internet. We cannot guarantee that any passively collected information you provide will always be absolutely secure. Please advise us immediately in writing if you believe that passcode or confidential information has been misused. As a precaution it is recommended that you always logout or close your browser after using confidential information and do not store your passwords on your mobile phone or computer system or note book.


What are ‘cookies’ and similar technology and how do they work?

Cookies are a small data file that is downloaded from our web servers and stored on your hard drive. A cookie is a string of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies the computer you are using, information to identify you, any access codes that you need to use on our website and other information that you give direct consent for us to collect. This information allows us to see at a glance which pages and information are visited.

This type of collected data contains no personal information but simply records the journey taken by each person as they visit our website. Most browsers can be configured to refuse to accept cookies and other similar technologies. You can also delete cookies from your hard drive. However, doing so may hinder your access to valuable areas of information within our website and booking system and limit our knowledge about important information which provide you with better services, safety and protection.

The most common uses of this technology are:

  • authentication of users
  • remembering user preferences and settings
  • determining popularity of content
  • delivering and measuring effectiveness of promotional campaigns
  • analysing site traffic, trends and better understanding online behaviours and interests of people who interact with DMD and its franchisees


Information and direct marketing offers made available to you?

The details you give us may be used to inform you about services and promotions provided by us or businesses that we are associated with that we think will be of interest to you and to also provide you with details of changes to our website. We may also send details of offers and services provided by our business partners and related DMD entities. You can at any time choose to not receive these communications. Doing so will not cost you anything. If you give us this notification, we will aim to ensure you stop receiving any unwanted communications as soon as possible.


Your Feedback and Complaints process

At DMD, we and each of our franchisees value every one of our clients and comments made about DMD, franchisees, drivers and the services you have received.

We will always aim to be fair and responsive. If you have feedback or a complaint, you have the right to expect that we will handle it in a friendly and professional way. When we receive a complaint, we will look on it as valuable feedback that may help us to improve the services we offer and to ensure your needs are met in a satisfactory and appropriate manner.

If you wish to complain, at any time, about the handling, security, use or disclosure of your personal information, just send us the details to the Privacy Officer (details listed earlier).We will make all efforts possible to investigate your complaint, advise you of the outcome and implement systems to help into the future. If the investigation is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can then refer your complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner who can be contacted at:
Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
Level VIII, Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
or contact


More information

At any time you can request further information or provide us with other interesting and useful information by contacting us at our email address

Current Version : released on 1 November 2022

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