Thank you for your booking for Daisy Services with an independent Driving Miss Daisy franchise business (your companion driver).

These are the general terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) that apply for all Daisy services that are provided for you or at your request. These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time and will be posted on our website. Consequently, please take the responsibility to periodically check for changes.

Daisy services may be requested by calling Driving Miss Daisy Australia on 1800 DAISY 1 (1800 324 791) which will, free of charge, direct you to your local independent Driving Miss Daisy franchise business (your local Daisy) who will complete the booking or you may call your local Daisy directly to book your next Daisy service which will be provided by your companion driver. On each occasion that you book your companion driver you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which include the following:

  1. Your local Daisy will offer you Daisy companion and support services (Daisy services) for your daily needs giving you peace of mind and independence and provide you with a pre-quoted amount which represents the cost of the Daisy services that you have asked for (Service Cost).

  2. Daisy services are pre-quoted by your local Daisy which means time and care has been given to ask you about what you would like to do and if you need extra help after you reach your destination; safe and secure.

  3. All Daisy services are based on the dedication of your local Daisy to provide you with a safe, friendly and reliable journey right from a knock on your front door or another location that you have chosen. Please ensure for your health and safety that you follow all directions given to you by your companion driver.

  4. If your Daisy services have been booked based on a prearranged service agreement e.g. as a NDIS participant or a My Aged Care recipient or Veteran Affairs recipient, then those service agreement terms will always apply in priority to these Terms and Conditions and this may mean that some of these Terms and Conditions are superseded and replaced. Please ask if you need an explanation and a representative will happily provide you with more details about the prearranged service agreement details.

  5. Any deposit or prepayment made by you will be applied as part of your Service Cost for your next journey with any credit held ready to credit against later journeys.

  6. During your journey you can request your companion driver to change your journey. If this is possible, your companion driver will ask and confirm with you a new Service Cost which will be an amount greater than your initial Service Cost.

  7. You agree that on some occasions your Service Cost will be increased without having a discussion with you but only on rare occasions similar to the following – such as when your journey commences at an airport and your flight is changed, delayed or cancelled as these are events outside of the control of your companion driver and your companion driver will spend additional time either with you or finding or waiting for you, so that you are safe and secure.

  8. All Daisy motor vehicles are approved for commercial passenger vehicle transportation and are regularly serviced and checked but mechanical breakdowns, flat tyres and other incidents may mean that your companion driver is delayed or that your journey is interrupted. Hence, your local Daisy, your companion driver, Driving Miss Daisy Australia and all staff and personnel within the Daisy network (all of the Daisies) are not liable for any delay, inconvenience or losses arising from these events.

  9. Your companion driver has special training and has qualifications which meet the Commercial Passenger Vehicle regulations in the State where your journey commences including police check and working with children certificate and relevant first-aid certificate.

  1. You and any of your invited guests are not allowed to consume alcohol or food while in the Daisy vehicle providing you with Daisy services. If you appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol, we are sorry, but your companion driver has the authority to refuse to commence your booking and is authorised to stop the journey and ask you to leave the Daisy vehicle. If this occurs, then your companion driver will take reasonable precautions for your health and safety such as making arrangements for you to be collected by a taxi or ambulance.

  2. You and any of your invited guests must not be angry, violent towards or vilify or threaten your companion driver in any way. If you do act in this manner, you risk that your journey will be terminated without refund of any of your Service Cost.

  3. You promise that you will not bring into the Daisy vehicle or give to your companion driver any dangerous goods as may be defined in accordance with the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods or any illicit or illegal substances.

  4. If you authorise your companion driver to deliver goods on your behalf, then you accept that the goods have been delivered upon your companion driver sending you notification which may include for example a photograph of the goods at the destination address.

  5. When in a Daisy vehicle please take extra care to ensure that you do not damage or soil any part of the Daisy vehicle as the cost of repairs and cleanup will be your responsibility. Please note, a cleanup may take your companion driver up to 4 hours away from other clients so we have set a cleanup fee (separate from repairs) at $660 which will be payable on you receiving a tax invoice.

  6. If, as a result of you or your invited guests’ actions, a fine and/or penalty has been incurred during your journey, these fines and/or penalties are payable by you within seven days of those being notified to you.

  7. If the Daisy services are terminated for a permitted reason explained in these Terms and Conditions, you are not entitled to any refund or any claim for loss or inconvenience.

  8. Your companion driver regularly checks traffic conditions, roadworks and delays that may cause inconvenience during your journey and take efforts to detour around those problems, but you agree that your companion driver and all of the Daisy network are not responsible for the consequences of those delays including your losses or inconvenience. Where possible, your companion driver will keep you informed so that you may be able to ring ahead and explain that you will be late arriving at your destination.

  9. If you have pre-arranged for your pet to be joining you on your journey, please ensure that your pet has been toileted shortly before the commencement of the journey and that you alert your companion driver if you anticipate that your pet needs to go to the toilet, maybe ill or have motion sickness you are responsible for any cleanup or repairs.

  10. You agree that your companion driver may restrain your pet during the journey for the safety of your pet, you and your companion driver.

  11. After securing your pet as required by road safety laws, your companion driver is not responsible for the health and well-being of your pet during the journey.

  12. Your companion driver is not responsible for the loss of any items that you think were brought into the Daisy vehicle. Your companion driver will, as soon as it is safe, search the Daisy vehicle and report back to you whether the items have been found and arrange a mutually convenient time to bring the items back to you which will usually be at the commencement of your next journey. If the items need to be couriered to you, this will incur a cost of the courier fee plus $30 administration fee.

  1. Your companion driver will use reasonable endeavours to locate you for the start of your journey. Please ensure that you have your mobile phone at hand as your companion driver may need to call you to ask for directions especially if you are leaving a cruise liner or are in a large hospital. If you are arriving in an airport or train station, please check what arrangements have been made for the booking so that your companion driver can find you.

  2. Each Daisy vehicle has a manufacturer passenger seat capacity which cannot be exceeded. Your small pet will count as one person. Your large pet may count as one or two people as determined by your companion driver.

  3. During your journey, road tolls, parking and other out-of-pocket expenses such as coffee and cake, transport levies and government taxes may be incurred and these will be added as a disbursement.

  4. If you are the person making the booking and you have other guests that will be joining you during the journey, it is your responsibility to inform them of these Terms and Conditions.

  5. You are entitled to cancel your booking at any time but in some circumstances a cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation fees will apply for any booking that is cancelled without prior agreement with your companion driver or within the following time limits. Cancellation fees will be:

    1. half of the Service Cost where the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the commencement time of the journey, and

    2. the total of the Service Cost where the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the commencement time of the journey, and

    3. the total of the Service Cost where there is a ‘no-show’ of you and your passengers after your companion driver has made reasonable efforts to locate you.

  6. Your local Daisy is always delighted to receive compliments and feedback. Once this information has been handed over, it is owned by your local Daisy and consequently we thank you for your generosity and confirm that no compensation will be paid and that your local Daisy may use the information that you provided for marketing and promotional purposes of any kind and to pass that information on to others for the use as well.

  7. You agree that your local Daisy and Driving Miss Daisy Australia may collect and use information that you provide for the improvement of future Daisy services. Any collected information will be subject to our Privacy Policy set out on our website  For your safety, your companion driver may note that you have a pre-existing injury prior to the commencement of your journey. You permit your companion driver to make a note (and if necessary take a photograph of the details) and provide these to you or your representative on request made within 7 days of the journey.

  8. Your local Daisy and Driving Miss Daisy Australia jointly and severally do not accept any liability for any loss or inconvenience, but your local Daisy will if required at law provide you with another Daisy service of a similar duration if this is appropriate.

  9. By accepting these Terms and Conditions and using your local Daisy to provide the Daisy services for your benefit, you agree to indemnify and hold all of the Daisies harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with your use of the Daisy services including but not limited to your breach of these Terms and Conditions.

  10. The applicable law shall be governed by the laws of the address where your journey commenced.

  11. Driving Miss Daisy Australia connects you to your local Daisy so that your Daisy can meet you to provide Daisy services. Driving Miss Daisy Australia (Driving Miss Daisy Franchising Australia Pty Ltd ABN 71 632 964 071) is the franchisor of the Driving Miss Daisy network of independent Daisy franchise businesses. Your local Daisy is the corporate entity that provides the Daisy services and receives the Service Cost paid by you.

Driving Miss Daisy acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and acknowledges their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to the people, the cultures and the elders past, present and emerging.

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